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                     December 4, 2016                        

            Rev. Tim Soule          


"Daring Visions"





December 3.

This holiday tradition at First Presbyterian provides a wonderful time for

getting to know each other better and for the sharing of food.

The sign up sheet is posted for the Progressive Dinner.

Please check what you wish to bring to share.

The hosts/hostesses are:

5:00 Appetizers: Maria and Jerry Traynham, 24081 146th St.


6:10 Soup and Salads: Merna and Jim Roe, 705 Bellerive Court,

Lansing, KS

7:10 Desserts and Carols: Lorna and Jim Mathison, 1925 Somerset

Terrace, Leavenworth, KS

Childcare will be provided at the church at no cost to parents. Please call

the office 913-682-6891 for nursery reservations. Pizza will be provide for the children.



Monthly News


The church’s ministry is a team ministry. It is that way by design. Scripture says the church is like a body and all the parts, as different as they are, work together for the common good, with Christ as the head. (1 Corinthians 12) We cannot be the church by ourselves, we need others to work with us to carry out our mission of making disciple of all nations…The task is enormous!
Trevor Sutton writes, “Practicing team ministry is like assembling Ikea furniture without instructions. With team ministry and furniture assembling, there are many parts each with a specific function, and no obvious clues for how everything fits together. And with both, you’re sometimes tempted to toss everything aside and quit in frustration. It is by God’s grace the book shelves and team ministry come together.”
For team ministry to work well it requires loyalty, patience, forgiveness and much, much more. Building a team ministry is a challenge. At FPC I see a strong core of faithful folks striving to serve God. It is not always clear where all the different parts go or how they fit together, but there is a good spirit of working together, enjoying each other and a growing desire to reach out beyond ourselves to serve the larger community. It is by God’s grace that all the parts come together and that we find a way to incorporate the parts to accomplish our ministry.
God uses many different teammates to do this work. Imperfect, broken, sinful people are the only ones on God’s team. God leads us with the humility of Jesus Christ, unending forgiveness, generosity, constant prayer and with more faith and trust in us then we usually give each other or ourselves. These are some of the marks of a faithful team member: humility, forgiveness, generosity of spirit and treasure, constant prayer, trust and trustworthiness.
God’s reign is built with people who trust each other, work together, pray constantly with and for one another, forgive as freely as they have been forgiven, humbly walk with and have faith that God is at work in and through them. God uses us all for building up the common good! Give thanks for our life and ministry as Christ’s disciples. Pray that God continues to build our team and expand our mission.

The following programs might interest some members. More information will be in the church office. a. The City of Leavenworth has a Home Repair Program which helps qualified homeowners with basic repairs with grants up to $5,000.. b. Leavenworth County has a Weatherization Assistance Program to provide energy savings for your home (adding insulation, furnace cleaning and repair, sealing cracks). c. The City of Leavenworth has a Home Ownership Program for first-time owners or those who have not owned for 5 or more years. A fund-raising effort will soon begin for a new 3-part shelter at 3rd and Kiowa. This will house the Shelter of Hope, Welcome Central and a Day Center. Volunteers are needed for 4 shifts every night. Training is available. On Sunday, October 9 at 2p.m. our community-wide CROP Walk to end hunger will be held at Richard Warren Middle School again.
Your Mission Committee selected the Alliance Against Family Violence as the receipt for our next local mission donation drive. Pictured is an advertisement from the Leavenworth Times showing their needs (“Wish List”). Donation bins will be in the Narthex through the end of October.
Our Community Meal on Aug. 23 served 289 meals - by far, the most ever in our 18 months. Last month we served 204 and last August we served 197 - so this kept us very busy. It was quite an evening and our magnificent volunteers came through. The cooks (The Strands, Traynhams, Roes, Marge and Elaine) and our grill masters (John. Jerry, Claude, Howard and Jim) grilled over 300 hamburgers and over 50 hot dogs. The electricity went out 45
minutes before opening. You can imagine how dark our fellowship room downstairs is without light!! Becky and Tom led the frantic search for and lighting of dozens of candles. The room looked so beautiful - but, of course, was so dangerous. After prayers and phone calls, the electricity came back on a few minutes before opening.
Margie and Darrell Holland will be sponsoring English as a Second Language on Sundays at the church at 2:00 p.m. If you have any questions call Margie or Darrell at 913-721-0388.

TOUR OF KAUFFMAN FOR PERFORMING ARTS HAS BEEN CANCELLED for Friday, September 16th will reschedule in the spring of 2017.
Saturday, Sept. 24 will be Tables of Eight/Nine at 5:30. Would you be willing to host? If so contact Merna Roe at 250-0757. Join friends by signing up in the north narthex to attend.
Wednesday, October 26 we will travel to the New Dinner Theater to see “Have You Met Miss Jones”. World premiere of a cabaret style show centered on the life and career of Oscar Winner Shirley Jones. Doors open at 11:15 lunch is served from 11:40-12:40 with the show at 1:00. Tickets will be $33 (includes play and lunch buffet). Drinks, gratuity, and dessert are not included in the price of the ticket. Please fill out form and return with your money to Barbara Finch or Merna Roe by September 18th.
Name/s _________________________________________________

Amount Enclosed $_______
? Will drive                                                                                 ? Would like a ride





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