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The last Tuesday of each month (non-holiday), we are proud to host a community meal to serve our Leavenworth-Lansing community persons who want to join us. Our cooks really prepare a fine meal complete with fresh fruit and vegetables and many many desserts.  From 5pm -6pm come join us and have a good time and an amazing home cooked meal. 


Mission Committee


2017 was another great year for the committee in pursuing our mission of reaching out to the needy, the poor, the vulnerable and the distressed in our community and the world. Our efforts were made possible by the incredible support of our Congregation in providing our Time, Talent, and Treasures.

Support to Major Projects:

    • Special Offerings: A Treasures program. Four Special Offerings were taken during the year: One Great Hour of Sharing in April, the Pentecost Offering in May; the Peacemaking Offering in October, and the Joy Offering in December. We keep 40% of the Pentecost Offering and 25% of the Peacemaking Offering for youth in our community by donating to Backpack Buddies.
    • Free Community Meal: Joyce Kirk leads this wonderful program. This is a Time, Talent, and Treasures Program – with very heavy weight to Time and Talent!  
      • By far our biggest project this year continuing as part of a coalition of Leavenworth churches that provide monthly free community meals for the hungry.
      • In 2017 we served 2,732 meals to guests (an increase of 54 meals – and we served one fewer meal this year). We still have tremendous volunteer workers supporting each meal (1/4th of our congregation).
      • We spent a total of $4,099.80 ($3,295.03 for food and $1,150.53 for supplies). Our funding came from the Mission Fund plus participation in the Dillons Community Rewards Program (receiving over $400 – awaiting final donation for 2017 from Dillons.) Our cost was $1.50 per guest.
      • The congregation donated baked goods and fruit each month. Price Chopper donated day-old bread, Daylight Donuts donated donuts each time, and a Soup Kitchen Food Bank (SKFB) program gives us some USDA foods free (like hamburger, noodles, green beans and apple sauce.
      • Volunteers include our indispensable chefs, dish washer, servers, guides, cleaners, and more. The Monday Morning Men’s Group supports by establishing the dining area each month.
    • Backpack Buddies: Carl Johnson leads this wonderful program. This is a Time project.
      • Carl coordinates the Backpack Buddies project and attends community meetings. Several members assist in the initial breakdown of food at Studdards Moving Company, then Carl receives the boxes of food at our church. In December we packed and delivered to Henry Leavenworth Elementary School. In January we will pack and deliver to David Brewer school. Once packaged the meals are delivered weekly to our supported school.
    • Interfaith Shelter of Hope: While not truly a First Presbyterian Church program, our participation in the program is included as a Time project as we have several members who donate time filling shifts during the night at the shelter. We had great response to a volunteer work day in October assisting in the framing of the new shelter and Welcome Center. We are looking forward to the opening of the new shelter in January.
    • Salvation Army Annual Fund Raising: Carl Johnson leads this wonderful program. This is another Time project, often under the most adverse weather conditions – but this year some of us suffered under nearly 70 degree weather.
    • English as a Second Language (ESL): Margie and Darrell Holland lead this wonderful program. Our church has sponsored an English as a Second Language (ESL) program since 2010 as an outreach mission for those who need better English skills in order to get their U.S. citizenship, a better job, or to cope with living in our country. It is also for the international spouses of U.S. military and civilians. To date we have had students from 18 countries (Algeria, China, Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Kenya, South Korea, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand and Vietnam.       In 2017 fall they continued the program at our church, but demand for the program has declined. With our elevator enabling us to reach our second-floor classrooms, we will have better facilities to support the program if the demand increases..
    • Support to Local Service Organizations: Our efforts to support different local service organizations during the year:
      • In January and February, we asked the congregation to donate cans of soup for our own "Souper Bowl". Over 380 cans were collected for the food pantry at the Salvation Army.
      • In March, we asked for snack and hygiene items for the Interfaith Shelter of Hope. We collected 321 items
      • At the Relay for Life in June our Presbyterian team raised over $900 to fight cancer. The Deacons set up a space for our team of 24 walkers.       It was a great time for fellowship.
      • In June and July we collected over 675 school supplies and almost 300 personal items for needy students at Leavenworth High School. These were distributed by the Student Store run by the Communities in the Schools This is an extension of the need of high school students identified to us by Paige and Rod Cox.
      • In late summer we started a “barrel for the needy” which is resulted in hundreds of food items being donated to the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.
    • During the year, we gave the following monetary donations:
      • $1,000 to Backpack Buddies,
      • $500 to the 7th St Feast supporting the free Thanksgiving eal program.
      • $500 to Communities in the Schools for the needs of our high school students
      • $100 to Lansing High School Operation Graduation
      • $100 to Leavenworth High School Operation Graduation
      • $250 to the Homeless Shelter for soup, bars, etc.
      • $500 to the Salvation Army Kettle Drive

The Mission Committee hopes to involve more church members in its work to find ways to help this community.

Respectively Submitted,


Howard Kirk, Chair

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