Special Music                            


                                       December 19, 2021

                            Christmas Music Featuring:

                            Freda Proctor & Robert Craig- Flutes

October 29, 2021

                                  A Little Fright Music

                                  Directed by Freda Proctor                                          Concert Features:

                              Freda Proctor- Organ, Flute, Piano

                              Jordan Proctor- Cello

                              Riley Proctor- Flute

                              Martha Auchard- Piano

                              Robert Craig- Flute

                              Linda Johnson- Flute

                              Ester Ray- Flute

                              Ben Proctor- Keyboard, Trombone

Sarah Proctor- Flute                 

Nicholas Proctor- Trumpet       

IIkhom Mukhiddinov- Violin      

Wallace Proctor- Bass             

August 22, 2021

                                  Community Concert

                                                               (Part 1 of 2)

                   Concert Features: Freda Proctor- Flute, Piano & Organ

                                                 Jordan Prctor- Cello

                                            Robert Craig- Flute

                                                  Linda Johnson-Flute

                                                  Ester Ray- Flute

                                                (Part 2 of 2)

Special Music Featuring:

                   Freda Proctor- Piano, Nathan Proctor- Trumpet                         

October 18, 2020

                                       Flute Quartet


                             Flute Quartet Features- Freda Proctor,

                     Robert Craig, Linda Johnson, Ester Ray

  December 15, 2019

                                      Choir featuring Dick Gibson

                              "I Wonder as I Wander"

                     Appalachian Carol arr. John Niles & Lewis Horton

December 8, 2019

                              Young Messengers Presentation


  October 20, 2019

                                             Bell Choir



                                      Robert Craig, Flute Solo

                                       "Meditation from Thais"


August 25, 2019

                                  Special Music- Jordan Proctor, Cello

                           "Prelude from Bach Suite #1"


August 18, 2019

                                    Special Music by Cody Choraliers

                                                 "I Believe"

                                             (arr. Spebsqsa)

August 4, 2019

                            Freda Proctor-Flute, Marti Auchard-Piano

                                             "O Waly, Waly"

                                  (English Melody, arr. Adams)
























































































































































    May 7, 2017


                            Samantha Hendren, Clarinet


"The King of Love My Sheperd Is"

April 9, 2017

                                   Children's Choir



December 25, 2016

                             Choir Featuring Dick Gibson

                                   "Gesu Bambino"


                                  December 11, 2016                                     Childrens Choir

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